A bit about me

A bit about me

Hi I’m Rebecca,

Welcome to BeBo Fashion, short for Becky’s Boutique Fashion. I decided to create a website following the end of my career as cabin crew. Having flown for 8 years I decided to start a family, 2 boys within the space of 12 months unfortunately left me “unfit to fly” so decided to focus my spare time (well what I get!) on launching a website offering items that I would choose to wear myself. I have always had a “passion for fashion”, my favourite era being the 80’s. I love the slouchy jumpers, vibrant colour block, bold prints the jumpsuits and blazers, all which have thankfully made a comeback!

I believe women should build each other up and compliment each other to make each other feel good , a lot of that comes with compliments on what a woman is wearing, although I’m always the person that gives it away “thanks, it was a bargain….”!

I have yo-yo’d between a size 12 to 18 so would like to think I know what suits different body types and I’m a big believer in wearing the right tops to hide the mum tum! I also have a section in my wardrobe just for scarves, after all a scarf will always fit you whether you gain a few lbs!!

Having recently got married and done the “wedding diet” I have a new found love for clothing, I’ve reinvented my wardrobe with items I had pre-baby and bought new items to update my style. I am a big believer that everyone needs a few staple items in their wardrobe, one being a nice crisp white shirt to go under a jumper or cardi along with a good pair of skinny jeans.

Thanks for taking the time to read about BeBo Fashion, I hope you like the items I have chosen for you.

Rebecca x


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