My name is
- Rebecca Scatchard.

BeBo Fashion was created after I gave up my career as cabin crew due to health issues. I am a mum to 2 very boisterous boys, so most days are spent up to our knees in muddy puddles at the park or collecting sticks and finding bugs in the local woods! Having spent most of the past few years wearing baggy hoodies, hair up in a scrunchie and “blending in” I recently decided to “find me” again, I’ve dusted off my pre-baby clothes and found a new love for fashion and clothing again.

So, here’s where the idea for BeBo came along.I love to find clothes that suit myself friends and family and my sister would describe me as her personal shopper, so I thought I would buy clothing I think is complimentary for any body shape and pass these on to your good selves!


Happy Shopping feel free to email me with any enquiries!

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Rebecca Scatchard